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(c) Harry Forster-Stringer, 2017

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African tribal shield

A passionate traveller, I enjoy looking to other cultures for inspiration. The pendent takes inspiration from Maasai tribal shields. The long shape owed to being split in to sections. I used the enamel to add colour to the piece. The colours chosen, I hope, reflect the yellows and golds of the lands of Africa. The polished finish and piece as a whole entity reflects the mineral and metal wealth of the lands that have fuelled my industry, art and craft.

Enamelled on silver, this piece is influenced by the synergy between day and night. The circular form reflective of the eternal flow of day and night. This design was an evolution of that used on a paperweight in the Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain paperweight project.  


To find out more about the Hand Engraving Association, or the Paperweight Project, click here and follow the link.

Sun-Moon: Eternity

British Swan 

Influenced by the colours of the British countryside and the regal creature of the swan, associated with the crown; this piece embodies Britain. The ideas that are behind the piece are brought to life through use of shape, reinforced by engraving and colour applied using traditional enamel techniques.



 07  /  10  /  2017

'Engraving With Air Tools': One day course at Goldsmiths' Centre, London


06  /  07  /  2017

QEST Summer Showcase: 'Swallow in Summer takes stage in the Summer issue of the QEST magazine. 


06  /  06  /  2017

Engraved paperweight at Hilton Park Lane.