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I maintain strong associations with bodies that represent my craft in the UK. It is important to share as well as showcase skill. I work with and am helped by each of these bodies in a different way. I am proud of each of these associations and take great pride in working with others to help further my own craft and that too of others.

Goldsmiths’ company

The Worshipful Company of the Goldsmiths’ is one of the twelve livery companies of the City of London. Membership of the Company allows bearers to become ‘Freemen of The City of London’. This honour would have allowed a freeman to enter in to the great city to trade freely.

At present, the Goldsmiths’ Company and other livery companies in the City play important roles in hosting charitable events. The Goldsmiths’ Company promotes British craft and maintains its responsibility for overseeing the quality of gold and silver in the United Kingdom, a responsibility held since 1300AD.

I have been a member of the company and a freeman of the City of London since 20xx.

Hand Engraving Association of Great Britain

The Hand Engraving Association of Great Britain plays important roles in promoting the craft of engraving in Great Britain and networking engravers throughout the country.

I have been an active member of the organisation and have developed my own skills and I hope others as well as a result. 

[Picture, hand engraving association: The ‘Paperweight Project’. I along with the other members of the Hand Engraving Association, produced a unique design to be fitted to a paperweight; forming a unique project, on display at the Clock makers Museum, London]

The Goldsmiths’ Centre

The Goldsmiths’ Centre was established in 2012 to help promote the crafts of goldsmithing and silversmithing in Britain. The Goldsmiths’ Centre plays an important role in developing and maintaining the craft, working with those in the trade, apprentices and those interested in general.

I have taught at the Goldsmiths’ Centre many times and enjoy working there. It is a pleasure to work with the next generation and ensure the ongoing success of the trade in the UK.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust


QEST aims to, “support education and excellence in craft in the UK”. The organisation sponsors apprentices and those already in the craft to further their skill set and make a positive contribution to the craft in the UK. 

I was selected to become a QEST Scholar in 2017. I am currently receiving a training bursary from QEST, sponsored by Royal Warrant Holders, Bendick’s. I am using the funding to develop my enamel skills further. I hope with the support of QEST that I will be able to enamel larger pieces moving forwards and further my capacity in this discipline.

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